Popescu Andrei-Cristian

Permaculture Designer


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson



M-am implicat in permacultura in 2008, pentru ca iubesc toate sistemele vii si impartasesc credinta ca ne confruntam cu o urgenta in schimbarea practicilor actuale, o schimbare imperativa pentru dezvoltarea unui viitor durabil, abundent.

Prosperitatea si bunastarea noastra este in stransa legatura cu ecosistemul din care facem parte. Calitatea hranei, a aerului, a apei de care dispunem, cat si aspectele estetice si spirituale ale habitatului inconjurator, sunt factori-cheie ai abundentei si ai expresiei noastre ca Oameni echilibrati, responsabili si Liberi.

Am lucrat la design-ul si implementarea unor proiecte de permacultura, atat la scala mica, cat si la scala mare - de la mici gradini "no-dig" si "food forests" la silvicultura, managementul holistic al pasunilor si agricultura biodinamica.

Experimentat in zone de campie temperata, habitat subalpin, teren alpin si climat mediteranean.




I became involved with permaculture in 2008, because I love all living systems and I share in the belief that we are faced with an urgency to shift our practices in order to build a sustainable, abundant feature.

Our prosperity and thriving spirit are deeply connected with the ecosystem we belong to. The quality of food, air, water that are available to us, as well as the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of our habitat, are key factors of abundance. They also determine the highest possible expression of ourselves as balanced, responsible and free Beings.

I worked on design and implementation of several permaculture projects, both small and large scale - from "no-dig" gardens and food forests to big acreage forestry, holistic pasture management, and biodinamic farming.

Experience with cold temperate plains, foothills, alpine terrain and Mediterranean climate.




Permaculture Research Institute, Australia

  • Geoff Lawton's Reading The Landscape 2014
  • Geoff Lawton's 3 Months Extensive Permaculture Designer Certification 2013
  • Geoff Lawton's Earthworks Course 2013

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca

  • Master's Program - Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture 2012



"Titu Maiorescu" University, Bucharest

  • Licensed Psychology Graduate

9 years previous experience in IT:

  • Networking
  • Business Continuity Lifecycle Management
  • Disaster Recovery